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I swear that just yesterday these two were just babies! I know that there are many hard things that I will go through as a parent but one of those is watching your baby start to no longer look like a baby. Couple that with your oldest in his final years of high school and I am a blubbering mess these days! 

For those that don’t know, the past 5 years I have been building a Preschool and Dance school side of my business. I started it thinking I could “try it out” and thank you for the preschool that gave me a “try” but it has turned into something I truly LOVE to do! Jonah’s preschool was the first one to give me a try and they have loyally stuck with me over the years. I started the year before Abbie was in the 4 year old classroom (I was 6 months pregnant with Jonah). This is the second year that the graduating class has been photographed by me the entire time they were at the school. So not only do I get teary eyed watching Jonah get so big, but there are some kiddos that come through that make me tear up as well. Time is a cruel but wonderful thing, and as much as I wish it would slow down, as Jonah continuously reminds me “each year he has to grow up” 

It absolutely floors me that around this time next year I will be taking Jonah’s preschool cap and gown pictures, and Elijah the year after that. So as I go ugly cry in the bathroom for a bit, enjoy their Spring pictures from this year! 


And Brother Makes 4 | Murphy Newborn Photographer

Overshare alert! I am sorry, but I had trouble narrowing down which ones to share. And as I was formatting them for the blog I even took off 5 more! But how can you pick when it is a newborn and he is this cute, and his sister is adorable and his parents are some of the greatest people! Just look below and see if you agree!

Murphy Newborn Photographer 1 Murphy Newborn Photographer 2 Murphy Newborn Photographer 3 Murphy Newborn Photographer 4 Murphy Newborn Photographer 5 Murphy Newborn Photographer 6 Murphy Newborn Photographer 7 Murphy Newborn Photographer 8 Murphy Newborn Photographer 9 Murphy Newborn Photographer 10 Murphy Newborn Photographer 11 Murphy Newborn Photographer 12 Murphy Newborn Photographer 13 Murphy Newborn Photographer 14 Murphy Newborn Photographer 15And if you want to get a kick out of something, check out big sister’s newborn session here and see the size difference! Look how small she was in the white basket!


Gender Reveal | Plano Newborn Photographer

Hello again, hello! I know it has been an incredibly long time, but life goes fast and hard sometimes and before you know it, it has been months since you have updated the blog! So, I wanted to get back on track with the first session that I had of 2017, and the first session with the new amazing camera! 

With new years come new exciting things…and with everything that I plan on doing with the business this year I also wanted to share an exciting thing in my personal life. The man (just saying that brings a tear to my eye) in these pictures is really the first human that taught me how to unconditionally love someone other than myself. He is my first nephew. I was 16 when he was born and he was the best  thing to ever happen to me at that time. I remember vividly coming home from college (with a laundry basket in my hand – of course) and his little toddler self running down the walk of my mom’s house. I threw the basket down and he leapt into my arms. He made coming home all the more sweeter. 

Now he is expecting a child of his own, his is making me a great aunt for the first time, and my own son is excited to be an uncle that isn’t really an uncle :). 

I was blessed to photograph a gender reveal for them, and cannot wait to hold this squishy baby and to take newborn pictures in May. (When they are related to me I get to have full creative control!) 


Plano Maternity Photographer 1

Plano Newborn Photographer 1

Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 1

Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 2Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 3Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 4Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 5Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 6Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 7Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 8And the announcement they posted on Facebook! 

Plano Gender Reveal Photographer 10


Day 12 | 2016 12 Days of Christmas


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